AAUW Tennessee 2016-2017 Calendar


January 5: Second Call for AAUW-TN NCCWSL Scholarship Nominations.
February 15: Deadline for Nominations for AAUW-TN NCCWSL Scholarships.
February 28: Publication of AAUW Tennessee Winter/Spring Newsletter.
March 1: Deadline for Nominees’ Applications for AAUW-TN NCCWSL Scholarships.
March: Women’s History Month.
March 8: Women’s Policy and Action Day on the Hill; 8 am – 3:30 pm.
March 31: Pre-Convention Board Dinner Meeting. Hosted by Memphis Branch. Time and Place TBA.
April 1: AAUW Tennessee Convention and Annual Business Meeting. Hosted by the Memphis Branch, Time and Place TBA.
April 4: Equal Pay Day and AAUW Tennessee Twitter Storm.
June 3: AAUW TN Leadership Summit; Tom Jackson Building, Middle Tennessee State University
June 14-17: 2017 AAUW National Convention, Washington, D.C.
June 30: Publication of AAUW Tennessee Summer Newsletter.

See the appropriate Newsletters for details of events.