Branch Projects


  • Scholarships for women attending Columbia State Community College


  • Sister-to-Sister Summit
  • SHADES (SHaring ADventures in Engineering and Science) Program for middle-schoolers
  • Equal Pay day activities on the UT Knoxville Campus (more information at on the Public Policy page)


  • Sponsored & hosted five $tart $mart workshops from the AAUW Wage Project
  • Joint “Kaleidoscope” event with Girl Scouts
  • “Beyond Sustainability: AAUW Leading the Way” 2009 state convention
  • Equal Pay day activities on the Martin Campus (more information at on the Public Policy page)



  • GEMS (Girls Empowered by Math and Science) for middle-school students & parents


  • Expanding Your Horizons Conference in Science and Mathematics for middle-school and high school girls
  • Annual book sale to fund the Ruth Houston Memorial Scholarship for MTSU students
  • National Women’s History Month Program
  • Equal Pay Day Events: City Proclamation, MTSU Information Tables
  • “$tart $mart Workshop, MTSU
  • Adoption of Rutherford County Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Program
  • “Shape the Future” Events to Fundraise for AAUW Educational Opportunities and Legal Advocacy Funds
  • Advise the AAUW MTSU Student Organization
  • Branch Strategic Plan


  • Silver Award for increased membership
  • Economic Summit for Women

Oak Ridge

  • Roane State Community College scholarships
  • “Women in Science: The Future Is Now” 2008 state convention
  • Sponsored SHADES program for science education
  • Worked with kindergarten students
  • Tutored middle-schoolers