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Why I joined AAUW

The following statements are from members of AAUW Tennessee Branches:

WHY I JOINED AAUW? Tennessee Members Endorse AAUW

Samantha Cantrell; President
“I joined AAUW in 2006 not long after I had been invited to attend a local meeting by a colleague. It was an active, engaged group of women who were doing important work at the local level, and at the national level, I learned about AAUW’s impressive track record on women’s issues. Through my volunteer work in the branch, I became progressively more involved—eventually being elected to office in the branch and later in the state. In June 2015, I attended my first national convention and was thrilled by the energy generated by so many women gathered together for a common purpose. I’m proud to be a part of an organization that works so effectively to advocate for women and has such a powerful voice.”
AyneCantrellB. Ayne Cantrell; Past President
I joined AAUW in the 1990’s because I was looking for a way to act on my feminism in my hometown and learned that AAUW Murffreesboro supported women and girls in the community. I stay with AAUW because I know we are improving education and the workplace for women in Tennessee and nationwide.



LoyAnne - KnoxvilleAnne Loy
I joined AAUW in 1986. A friend invited me, and I wanted a group that was not totally made of teachers. I’ve kept on because of that and AAUW’s important work with women and girls.


BuschHeidi - MartinHeidi Busch
I Joined AAUW in 2013. It was a way to network with women across campus and throughout the community. I continue to be part of AAUW because our Campus branch does a great job of promoting activities that our student members can actively take a leadership role. It also is s till a great way to network throughout our community!
Sue Byrd
ByrdSue - MartinI joined AAUW in 1987 because of the mission of the organization and the leadership of the Martin Branch as well as the activities that they were involved in at the time. For example: SHADES (SHaring ADventures in Engineering and Science).


ColemanKaren - MaryvilleKaren Coleman
I joined AAUW in 1977, because they had a preschool for my daughter.
I continue to belong because I believe this is the strongest women’s organization to promote equity for women via political intervention.
CrawfordCharlotte-MaryvilleCharlotte Crawford
I joined AAUW in 1976. As a stay-at-home Mom, I became a member for the bridge and the adult conversation. AAUW provided babysitting! I stayed for the mission-oriented activities and leadership opportunities. Through AAUW empowerment, I have gained skills and confidence to attempt new challenges over the years—from running for public office (and winning) to editing and publishing books. And through it all, making long-lasting friendships across the country.



GranberryLetha_2_MemphisLetha Granberry
I joined AAUW in 2007. I joined because I liked the mission of AAUW.
I keep renewing my membership because I like promoting gender equality and the empowerment of women. I see positive results in the things we do. Those positive results are being seen nationwide.
IndingaroAnn-MemphisAnn Indingaro
“I joined in 1974, thanks to my Mother. She was very active in both the Memphis and State branches of AAUW, and paid my membership in hopes I would take an interest. I was minimally involved until the Memphis Branch decided to run a SHADES (Sharing ADventures in Engineering and Science) workshop around 1995. That effort tied in with my career interest in gender inequities in math education, and got me hooked on AAUW. I remain a member because of AAUW’s continuing efforts in promoting women’s issues.”


SwannPeggy yes 2 - MurfreesboroPeggy Swann
I joined in 2014. I was invited by member Rachel Forlines whom I met at a candidates’ campaign for federal office. I have stayed because of the opportunities for leadership and the chance to build membership and advocate through face to face, social media, and phone for pro-women policies in pay equity on the Nashville Hill to legislators.


ElrodSherry - NashvilleSherry Elrod
I first joined AAUW in 1979. I had just moved to California and knew no one. I joined AAUW after seeing a meeting notice in a local newspaper. I attended the meeting and was impressed with the women and with AAUW’s mission and program. I have since moved a couple more times and one of the first things I do is to seek out an AAUW branch. I believe in the organization’s mission and the emphasis on the importance of education and the equality of women in our society that AAUW promotes.
RankinsClarice - NashvilleClarice D. Rankins
I joined AAUW in 2013. I joined because of AAUW’s emphasis on issues affecting women and girls. I remain involved because of their constant work to move forward on issues that affect women and girls.


EmmittPeggy-Oak RidgePeggy Emmett
I have always been interested in getting girls to continue their education in college and to study in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) fields. I continue to hold SHADES (SHaring ADventures in Engineering and Science) workshops for middle school girls in science and engineering.