AAUW Tennessee is committed to advancing educational opportunities for women and girls.


AAUW Tennessee branches across the state support national educational programs with funding contributions, such as the American Fellowships awarded to women pursuing full-time study to complete dissertations, conducting postdoctoral research full time, or preparing research for publication. Read more about national fellowships at


AAUW Tennessee supports Tennessee Academic Standards [Read more at this link:  Education Campaign and Academic Standards under ADVOCACY].
AAUW Tennessee awards annual NCCWSL Scholarships [More detail available at:].

TAKING THE WHEELS OFF: The Dos, Don’ts, & How Tos of Talking to Legislators


This is the presentation given by Dia Circillo, State Public Policy Chair, at our annual meeting in March.  Taking The Wheels Off.  It is a PDF formatted file.  Pages 27 and 28 have the web links to a great set of Resources.


AAUW Tennessee branches across the state give local scholarships to female college students; conduct $tart$mart Workshops to teach college students negotiation skills; host STEM Education and Tech Savvy events, such as EYH: Expanding Your Horizons in Science and Math and SHADES (SHaring ADventures in Engineering and Science) Program; and support Elect Her Workshops to teach college women how to run for campus government offices.