Why Should You Join AAUW?


  • Fellowship with intelligent, educated women who have a variety of activities and interests.
  • Opportunity for contacts with community leaders.
  • Builds self-esteem and gives a greater vision of what one can accomplish and become.
  • Community involvement.
  • Value of membership from AAUW national web page

Who Might Want to Join AAUW?

  • Anyone (men and women) interested in equity issues related to women and girls.
  • Those who agree with AAUW’s Public Policy Priorities and want to receive timely notification of important woman’s issues.
  • Women who have just moved into the region wanting to meet people.
  • Women wanting to expand their social circle.
  • New graduates who might want direction and mentoring in their careers.
  • Working women who want to network.
  • Young mothers tired of baby talk who want to have some intelligent conversation for a change.
  • Mothers of older children or “empty nesters” finally having time to “rediscover themselves.”
  • Retired women eager to meet other intelligent and active retirees.

Not already a member: Join AAUW National, Tennessee, and a Branch 

People of every race, creed, age, sexual orientation, national origin and level of physical ability are invited to join. AAUW Tennessee has nine branches throughout the state and several partnering university/college sites.

Who Can Become a Member?

Nationally, membership is open to anyone who has earned an associate, baccalaureate or higher degree from an accredited college or university; or anyone working toward their first baccalaureate degree may join as a student affiliate.

How Do You Apply For Membership?

Contact the State Membership Vice President, Marti Herndon (, for current membership incentives, review the “BRANCHES” pages on this web site to locate a branch near you and contact their President or Membership Chair, or join as a member-at-large via the national AAUW website (

AAUW Dues 

Association Dues* $67.00
State Dues* $12.00
Branch Dues Set by each Branch
Association Student Dues

* January 1 – March 15 State and National dues, one half the full amount. After March 15 dues collected include next year’s membership.

Renew Membership:

March 16 of each year begins the dues collection season for the upcoming fiscal year.

All members must renew by June 30.

If your branch has opted to participate in the on-line renewal process, you may pay your National, State, and Branch dues on-line.  Your finance officer may select to have an invoice e-mailed to you.  Renewing using the instructions on this invoice is fast an easy.

If your branch has not opted for on-line renewal, contact your branch finance officer for the procedure your branch uses.

Already a National Member?

If you already hold national membership in AAUW, but are not a branch member, you can join AAUW-TN for just $12. Your membership will help underwrite our state activities, and you will hear more about opportunities to participate in our state-level work.

Please contact the Membership VP for your branch to join.